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This is my third diploma; this class was probably the best I’ve done to date. Gearóid was incredibly engaging, charismatic, and enthusiastic.  
Excellent Module. Lots of very valuable business and life lessons.  
The delivery exceeded my expectations in so far as I was unsure how the module would translate to a virtual forum; however, Gearoid's excellent communication skills and mastery of the subject made the transition appear seamless.  

Caroline Kinsella, Head of Business Development (Open Programmes), UCD Smurfit Executive Development

He is engaging, challenging, supportive, informed and brings a wide range of experience to his teaching and delivery of modules and workshops.  

Eamonn Eaton, Head of group learning and engagement, Bank of Ireland

Gearóid brings a unique blend of business experience, academic robustness and practicality to his programme design and delivery and also in a one-to-one situation.  
I'm a big fan of Gearóid, he is a great teacher and clearly has a mastery of the subject matter.  
Gearóid's delivery was excellent our class was quite diverse; we have some who have managed large projects and others like me who hadn't Gearóid had a great ability to make the subject applicable to all levels.  
Dr Hardy’s experience and teaching style was excellent. He gave numerous examples of his experience in industry to further explain the topics and relate them to working scenarios.  
Very interesting topic, Gearoid’s mastery of the subject, very evident.  
I thought Gearóid did a great job in difficult circumstances and covered the really relevant stuff very well; I got a lot out of this module.  
Excellent course. Gearóid developed a very good rapport with the class. The subject matter is the most relevant for my role, and I believe future roles. He is an excellent lecturer, that made the material and class participation very easy.…
Excellent two days... probably the most content of all the modules which was a bit tough to handle over zoom, but the quality of the presenter really made up for any downsides.  
Gearóid was an excellent tutor, very knowledgeable on the topic and very engaging.  
While we are in difficult times Dr Hardy demonstrated great skill in delivering the topic.  

Caitriona Mannion, Business Change Manager, Customer Care and Outcomes, AIB.

The feedback from the 25 workshops spoke of Gearóid’s ability to make the complex simple and to create an environment that people felt safe to speak up. Our staff left his workshops informed, enthusiastic and energised.  Most importantly…

Marty Linsky, faculty Harvard Kennedy School of Government and Co-Founder Cambridge Leadership Associates.

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I have had the privilege of partnering with Gearóid in leadership development with senior officials. He is smart, practical, and committed to the work, a first-rate facilitator and coach who understands what is needed to help successful senior…