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Ken Darmody Head of Investment Management Goodbody Stockbrokers

His counsel has been invaluable in helping me to navigate through existing challenges whilst reminding me to take that critical time out to stop, re-assess and make better strategic decisions.  

Ken Darmody Head of Investment Management Goodbody Stockbrokers

His continuous provocation around the 'what's next?' question, keeps me thinking ahead and ready for change. Gearóid's programmes get results and are a must for leaders that truly want to stay ahead of the game!  
Gearóid Hardy should teach more modules.  Seriously though!  Not many Saturdays end with a round of applause, but this did. Gearóid was excellent from start to finish.  

Eamonn Eaton, Head of group learning and engagement, Bank of Ireland

Whenever he works with individuals or teams in Bank of Ireland, we are assured of excellent feedback on the programme content, his delivery style and also the total professionalism he brings to everything he does.  

Alison Green Director of Process Innovation, Strategy, Change, Transformation, Sustainability at NTPF (National Treatment Purchase Fund)

During the initial phases of the COVID-19 pandemic Gearóid was there for me and I looked forward to our weekly calls which helped me to build resilience and energy, see beyond the impossible and to continue to perform in my leadership role…

Leona Coady, Chief of Staff Provost Office Trinity College Dublin.

Gearóid creates a safe space to help YOU find the solutions and often results in breakthroughs that you did not think were possible.  

Linda O’Leary Hospital Manager Wexford General Hospital

In his own words, Gearóid got me to remove myself from the detail of daily operations on the dance floor, to move to the balcony and observe from a broader perspective.  

Caroline Kinsella, Head of Business Development (Open Programmes), UCD Smurfit Executive Development

We have found at UCD Smurfit Executive Development that Gearóid is a highly experienced professional who delivers top quality executive development across our Financial Times ranked open and customised portfolio.  

Marty Linsky, faculty Harvard Kennedy School of Government and Co-Founder Cambridge Leadership Associates.

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I have had the privilege of partnering with Gearóid in leadership development with senior officials. He is smart, practical, and committed to the work, a first-rate facilitator and coach who understands what is needed to help successful senior…