About Gearóid

Dr Gearóid Hardy is a highly regarded expert in organisational and leadership development. He is a business consultant, executive coach, adjunct lecturer, computer scientist, international speaker, researcher and an avid jazz fan.

With over 40 years of industry experience, his career began as a computer scientist where he experienced first-hand the complexities of working in a multi-disciplinary environment. It was here, in the world of software development, that his curiosity was peaked, and his passion for creating high-performing, cohesive and agile teams was born.

Since setting up his advisory business 25 years ago, he has worked with private and public organisations both in Ireland and internationally to create significant interventions. He poses tough and often unpopular questions that draw business leaders and their teams out of their comfort zones. Not one to shy away from a challenge, Gearóid will continuously prompt his clients to reassess their situation, leading them to find a new clarity from within.

Gearóid has extensive experience working across a wide range of industries including; healthcare, higher education, financial services, technology, military, law enforcement and pharmaceuticals. He has successfully introduced proven models of working into new sectors for the first time, including: taking After Action Reviews (AAR) from the military world, Agile ways of working from the software development sector and Lean continuous improvement from manufacturing.