Leadership Coaching.

Gearóid has helped / coached over 1000 leaders from across the globe to create lasting change and growth over the last 20 years. His clients stem from a diverse set of backgrounds and industries, including CEOs of multinational companies, high ranking members of policing and military organisations, healthcare leaders, educational leaders, government officials and leaders of sporting bodies.

Described by clients as thought-provoking and collaborative, Gearóid’s approach is shaped by his global perspective and experiences of working with different personalities, communication, and leadership styles. His ‘hands-on’ approach takes participants on a journey of honest and continuous re-assessment and empowers them to get uncomfortable, embrace change and create breakthroughs.

The critical silent partner for senior leaders, Gearóid’s sessions are delivered in a confidential, safe and supportive space. They feature continuous assessment, actionable feedback, specific guidance, setting clear outcomes and creating long-term accountability.

Gearóid helps leaders to lead and empowers strategic thinking, purposeful decision-making, and the ability to embrace change. He specialises in assisting senior leaders in their transition from specialist leadership roles to leading the organisation. Helping these leaders to reframe their leadership skills developed while leading experts to a more strategic mindset leading the organisation. Gearóid has worked with clinical, academic, security and technical leaders in this transition.

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